(English article) This is the second chapter of my series of maps extracted from the classic SSI DOS games set in the cult AD&D campaign Dark Sun. This time, we see Wake of the Ravager, also known as Dark Sun 2.

(If you want the maps from Dark Sun 1: Shattered Lands, see this article.)

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What’s the deal with Wake of the Ravager?

Following a somewhat rushed, buggy, but mostly well received Shattered Lands in 93, SSI decided rush an even buggier and again mostly well received sequel in the following year. If you look beyond the bugs (particularly getting the patched version), the game is pure Dark Sun fun. You can start with a high level party, and it’s possible to import characters from a previous Shattered Lands campaign. For fans of what is arguably TSR’s best campaign setting, I highly recommend both games even today.

How did I get these maps again (and why they matter)

To get the maps, I used this free open source tool by JohnGlassmeyer at Github. It’s a Java tool that extracts images and sounds from the original Dark Sun games files.

Now as for why people want these maps, that depends. Some devs are nostalgic about the SSI games and use them as base for game making experiences. I use these maps when running my own Dark Sun campaigns in a virtual tabletop. It’s not that easy to find good Dark Sun/post-apocalyptic fantasy battlemaps.

Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager maps files

All maps were extracted from the original game files acquired on GOG. Bundled in the link below are 19 maps which, as far as I can tell, are all maps from all chapters of Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager.

As before, each extracted map comes rendered with all characters, monsters, furniture, chests and items in their original positions in one flat image. For my personal use, I removed whatever characters and monsters I found, and this is what you’ll find in the download below. I didn’t remove anything else, so you should see treasure, loot and other less pleasant stuff scattered around in some rooms. If you must remove those, do as you please. I don’t intend to edit the files, unless there’s anything clearly wrong in the files, in which case you should let me know in the comment section.

Ok, now what comes next? I still hope to do part 3 and present the maps from the obscure, elusive Crimson Sands: SSI’s Dark Sun MMORPG. Give me another few days and I’ll post its maps right here.

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